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Step into the world of Avidity, the trusted confidant for forward-thinking businesses in the finance sector.

Client experience can be the difference between mediocrity and excellence. 

From the initial flicker of brand recognition to the details of conversion and onboarding, we refine and optimise every facet of your client journey. 

The results? Increased opportunities, higher conversion rates and streamlined operations that puts both time and money back where they belong: in your hands. 


Struggle generating quality leads? Our lead generation services can help.

Standing out from the crowd is nearly impossible without really understanding your audience, your competitors and what makes you unique. You only have to be 1% better than your competition...but let us help you get much more than that.

Struggle with converting pipeline? We can help increase your conversion rate.

We can generate all the enquiries in the world, they're pretty useless if you can't convert them. This is where client experience design really starts to shine. Watch your conversion rate go up with our integrated tech, automation first approach.
How do we work
with you? '

We work with most of our clients for a year, if not more. That's why we operate such a small client base, because we work so closely with you over a short period of time to ensure we don't miss a thing.

Here's how it works:

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PHASE 1: Analysis
We spend time getting to know every facet of your business, from your brand and marketing strategy through to your tech stack, CRM system, data sets and on boarding processes. We discover where things might not be as efficient as they could be.
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PHASE 2: Design
We design a full road map to improve your client experience. We know exactly where the pain points are, so we focus our efforts on fixing them. It might be brand, it might be poor content, it might be your proposals... whatever it is, we will fix it.
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PHASE 3: Implement
Once you're happy, we get to implementing everything. We re-write copy, re-build your website, implement better CRM practices, automate manual processes and simplify every step as we go. Once we're done, we work with you to fine tune and manage.
  • Louise is an absolute pleasure to work with. Strategic in her thinking, pragmatic in approach and a solid understanding of the fundamentals of all facets of marketing!
    Paul Aubert
    Head of Strategic Marketing, Aztec Group
  • Louise typifies excellence in her field. She has a positive, intelligent and can-do disposition. Her levels of professionalism and knowledge balanced with a fair & confident delivery is unerring. I could not give her more kudos in marketing and business generally.
    Ed Prow
    Founder - TEKEX


We are data geeks to our core and we look at everything with a blend of creativity, industry knowledge and data benchmarks. Don't believe us? Here are some of our clients achievements from working with us...

Increase in 1

After 1 month of implementing our roadmap, our client saw a 17% increase in conversion from initial enquiry to client. That conversion rate now sits at a 35% increase 6 months later. 


In 2022, we influenced over £1m of new revenue for a client. We  changed their brand, content, website and automated their lead nurture processes...the results speak for themselves.  

Increase in

Since 2021, we have managed the migration and implementation of 15 CRM systems, integrating tech stacks and automating processes. The result? CRMs becoming an integral part of business strategy.

Lou and the team at Avidity have provided us with the confidence to implement a marketing strategy fit for the next stage of ARC’s development (and the next century!)
Stephen McMahon

Starting your journey with us is easy

With a blend of marketing, branding, data analysis, CRM expertise, conversion optimisation, automation and integration, we can transform your client experience from meh to memorable.

Welcome to the Learning Lounge

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How to stop your CRM system from becoming a very expensive address book.

It seems shocking to me that in 2018 69% of CRM projects failed across the UK. Considering the implementation of of these systems costs upwards..



Join in or fail. Client experience design is no longer a nice to have

You can no longer afford to overlook the significance of client experience. However, many organisations are failing to adapt to evolving client expectations...


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Content is not king

I hear the phrase 'content is king' on a daily basis, and whilst I applaud its sentiment, it drives me mad. It guides people down a path of thinking "as long as I am putting something out there, then I'm doing the right thing". This could not be further from the truth.