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Why Avidity ?
It's simple.



For every client we work with, we pose the essential question, "Why?"

Why should your clients pick you instead of your competitors?


Naturally, we hold ourselves to the same standard

Unrivaled finance sector expertise
Exclusively in finance, we develop strategies that are relevant and focused. We know your target audience, we understand the buying cycles, we know how to convert them.
Conversion focused strategies
There are sometimes dozens of touch points with your potential clients, all of which are an opportunity for you to convert them or lose them. We don't leave any of those steps to chance.
Exceptional client experiences
We design and implement every aspect of your client journey, from network expansion strategies to automated and seamless onboarding. We design a journey that delivers results.
Trusted partnership
We become your dedicated partner, that feels no different to having your own in-house team. It’s a consultancy model like no other. 24/7 access until the job is done.
Cost-effective outsourcing
We're a full-scale sales, marketing & development team, offering expertise and strategic direction at a significantly reduced cost to having your own team in house. But you won’t sacrifice on quality, output or expertise. If anything, you’re getting more.
Exclusivity guarenteed
We limit the number of clients we work with at once, ensuring superior service, personalised attention, and a focused approach to make sure we always meet your needs. Never working with competitive organisations at once.
Louise is a total pleasure to work with. She consistently brings great ideas to the table in terms of strategy and approach, she's focused on outcomes not output, and has the practical experience to deliver projects. Louise is approachable, consistent, and delivers results. That's why she's able to quickly get buy-in from the teams she leads and people across the organisation.

PETE VAN NESTE - Chief Revenue Officer, Pinpoint


Website traffic increases
Increase from enquiry to proposal
Reduction in manual processes
Increase in quality of leads


One of our clients experienced this change within 3 months of active marketing with us... think what we can do after 6 months.

We craft experiences that hook in and convert your clients.

Your social media campaigns are only as good as your website and your onboarding processes. One without the other will not convert your clients. 


The entire journey from first touch to last touch must be meticulously planned, optimised and reviewed. 

We know our stuff:
Would you trust a plumber to fix your car?
The same goes for marketing in the finance sector. We've got years of experience under our belts and we understand the ins and outs. We know the language, the trends, the regulations and the hurdles.
We're all about you:
When we say we're client-focused, we mean it.
We want to know what makes your business tick, what keeps you up at night, and what makes your business succeed. It's all about creating a partnership that works for you and delivers real value.
No guesswork from us:
We believe in making informed decisions.
We don't throw ideas at the wall to see what sticks. We dig into the data to find what works best for your business. We look at where your conversations are dropping off, where they're picking up and optimise every facet of content in all areas.

Louise is a real visionary and her knowledge of CRM systems and automations and how to integrate it with the organisation's overall strategy is outstanding. She has my highest recommendation from a professional standpoint, but she is also one of the most genuine and fun people I could ever have hoped to work with!